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Riding The Joy Bus To Baler

Last night, as we drive my sister and her kid to the bus terminal, we passed by a bus station with a very bright advertisement on its body. It says Joy Bus, a one of a kind bus from Genesis Transport that offers the following:

  • Stewardess on board
  • refreshment
  • restroom
  • no stop over
  • wifi
Currently, Joy BUs offers two destinations, Baler and Baguio.
Well, I have been dreaming of going to Baler and my concern is what to ride going there. We can’t bring the car as I heard the roads going to Baler can be dangerous, specially for cars. Now with Joy Bus, I think my Baler dream will be¬†fulfilled¬†soon or we can even visit Baguio!
From what I have learned Joy Bus to Baler is at 650 PhP one way, not bad considering the services and the free wifi! More info on Joy Bus Facebook Page.
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  1. Tina says:

    Oh wow, this is nice! I have been planning of bringing my kiddos to Baguio. Thanks much!

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