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Tourist Attractions In La Union, Philippines

If you are planning to go North this coming summer or anytime this year, make you trip worthwhile and a bit educational by stopping by at museums and historical places at La Union. Here are tourist attraction that you might want to check while visiting La Union.

Basilica of Our Lady of Charity in Agoo La Union. The church was built in 70’s but the design and structure is inspired by the old churches that can be found in other parts of the country. Agoo is also the oldest town in La Union. Museo de Iloko is also located here in Agoo

When you arrive at San Fernando City, you can visit San Fernando Plaza and take a look at their museum, Museo de La Union. Other attractions that is worth seeing in San Fernando are:

  • Pindangan Ruins
  • Cathedral of Saint William the Hermit
  • Seven Hills
  • Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  • City Hall
  • Ma-Cho Temple
  • Bacsil Ridge Monument
  • Moro Watch Tower
  • La Union Science Centrum & Museum

San Juan La Union not only boast of waves for surfing but also of rich culture in terms of pottery making. Along National Road, you can see small store selling pots and arts made of clay.

Luna is another place worth visiting in La Union, the pebble beach, the watch tower and of course the Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan.

Banggar is almost at the end part of La Union (2 or 3 more towns and you’re already in Ilocos). This place is very enchanting because of the magic of weaving. Old ladies line up and weave blankets the old way.

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33 Responses to Tourist Attractions In La Union, Philippines

  1. ROMELO says:

    What are those square things? Are those samples of the pots they make in La Union?

  2. Noel says:

    i already been in La Union I never scout for any attraction, I just looking and visiting the town… I will scout this attraction when I’ll visit again La Union… thanks for sharing..

  3. Enzo says:

    I was hoping to see a pic of the Seven Hills. It kinda caught my interest. I am imagining some kind of similarity with Bohol’s Chocolate Hills only there are seven of them in La Union. :)

  4. Sionee says:

    Ganda nung clay.. I’ve been to La Union while I was still college. We went to a beach resort in San Fernando. The place was awesome! 😀

  5. chrisair says:

    I love their blanket I bought it p in Baguio, by the way anu yung unang pic

  6. lakwatsero says:

    Whenever I travel north, I always pass by La Union but have never taken the time to really see what the province has to offer. Thank you for sharing this. The next time I go north, I will keep what you have posted about La Union in mind.

  7. michi says:

    thanks for this post, i thought thunderbird resort lang ang attraction sa la union. =)

  8. Ive never been to La Union
    But probably now that I’m so immersed in travel blogging..
    I gotta note these places you listed! 😉

  9. chin says:

    ang dami din pala talaga mapupuntahan sa launion. nadadaanan ko lang to everytime akyat ako sa baguio.

  10. kiko says:

    Maganda talaga sa La Union lalo na ang mga museum nila dito

  11. never been to L.U. and this post will constantly remind me of my interests of the province. Salamat po!

  12. That’s good travel advice. Short article and informative. That’s what I like! By the way waving is indeed magical.

  13. tnx for posting this, i am planning to explore north luzon this year, this will help ty

  14. I’m not a historian, but I love to delve into the history of place, its origin and how does it get her name, among others. I heard a lot of La Union, but I’m not familiar with the museums and historical places there. It takes a good time to visit La Union in some other days.

  15. Bien says:

    I have never been to any of the Luzon provinces. Should I have the chance, I will definitely share beautiful pictures and stories just like this one.

  16. Violy says:

    I’m a graduate of Baguio, lagi kami napapadaan dyan sa La union but never had the chance to explore the place pa… ;-( hope to explore it soon!, thanks for this post!

  17. Will surely take note of the attractions you have listed here. I’m planning to go there late of 2012 or early 2013 :)

  18. Nancy says:

    Old churches, remains of historical structures, towers and marvelous nature – eto yung mga bagay na gustong-gusto kung kinukunan ng pictures.

    To me if a place has any of those, then it’s worth a visit.

  19. Kathy Ngo says:

    I’d love to see them do their craft. maybe I can learn a thing or two.

  20. Earlie says:

    I did not realize there are many things to enjoy in La Union, but thanks for your info., But La Union as countryside in marvelous enough, I used to love the green valleys and and the handicrafts stalls along the road and it’s been so long now to remember other beautiful places that i have been to in la Union in the early 2000.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Travelling Mom says:

      so true! going there, I enjoy looking at the scenery the road has to offer.. and I cannot help but fall in love.

  21. julie says:

    I don’t know if I’ll have enough moolah to tour around the Philippines but if I’ll be given a chance, I will definitely visit all these places that really fascinates me. I didn’t expect that Philippines is just so beautiful.

  22. Cha says:

    wow may pottery pala sa La Union. Ang ganda ng kuha mo! Ano ang camera mo po?

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