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Little Bora in Ternate Cavite

The most popular beaches in Ternate Cavite, in my opinion would be Caylabne Beach and Puerto Azul. But the rates on those two beaches can be very costly; they cater to foreigners with their sky high accommodation!

But just beside these two famous beaches lies the Marines Training Camp. The white sand beach inside the compound of the camp is quite unknown to many. The place is known as little boracay from its very white sand and clear blue waters. There’s a strict access to it and civilians can only enter if they know someone from the armed forces.

There’s a magnetic field on the road going to this camp, though. The place is heavenly but be sure to check your car brakes before visiting the place.

The road leading to the camp is really tricky.. it is sloping upward and yet things seems to go upward as if being pulled by magnet. A lot experiments have proved that the road is actually an optical illusion but it is still nice to believe that the highway is magnetic..right?

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    aw. post pics!! dali.. grab ako mmya kay ghie forward ko sau! :)

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